Our Programs

No matter you fitness level age or gender we have programs designed to suit you. Whether you are looking for BJJ, MMA, or Childrens’ Classes we have classes that will fit your needs and goals.

Fundamentals Class

Rank: White belt

Details: The goal of our fundamentals program is to prepare our beginner students for their blue belts. The fundamentals program focuses on combining basic motions and teaching the primary goal of BJJ: To gain a dominant position, stabilize the position, and achieve a submission.

Intermediate Class

Rank: 4 Stripe White Belts and up

Details: This is where our students start to develop their own BJJ styles. Our instructors teach series of movements, and encourage the students to experiment with those movements and develop a more unique style. Intermediate classes are where students will begin to experience several different styles within the Academy, as well as have the opportunity to test their game against higher belts.

Advanced Class

Rank: 3 Stripe Blue belt and up

Details: Advanced movements and techniques are taught during these classes. At this level students have a firm grasp of the fundamentals and are using more complicated movements to set up, trap and submit their opponents.

No-Gi Class

Rank: All levels

Details: No-gi training is based on traditional BJJ techniques, but these techniques are adjusted to compensate for non-traditional attire (not wearing a uniform).

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

This program is designated specifically for our professional and amateur fighters. In our MMA program, fighters will drill different techniques ,spar and grapple during training rounds of varying lengths.


Kids Classes


Details: Our Kids program offers gi and no-gi classes. We teach children BJJ techniques and self-defense in a fun, high-energy environment with an emphasis on physical fitness and discipline.

This is done by using games that focus on varying skills. The aim of this program is to promote confidence in our children, while helping them develop their motor skills and become better martial artists and students.